NaPoWriMo 13

Throwing a Pot

The trick is to know where you’re going
before you begin. Wet your hands.

Feel the floor with the souls of your feet
as you move the hard clay toward

the body. Your hands are the guide.
Here, there is no air—you must wedge

the clay to rid it of what remains,
always moving toward the center.

Feel yourself glide around the outside
of the surface, spinning with the wheel

because speed and pressure will cause it to open.
You know this. Here, you can raise walls

with just your fingers. Hold it with a little give,
allow yourself this moment before the making begins.


Jessie Carty said…
I've always wanted to try pottery. This makes me want to even more. I think you picked the perfect form!
January said…
Thanks. Still feels rough, a decent start.

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