NaPoWriMo 1

Virginia Poem

—For H.G.

Bury me without a coffin
in a grave marked by the shade
of a dogwood tree, under a tree so old
it has no age. Let the earth stain me,
turn my white bones dark.
Tamp the dirt down with the back of a shovel.
Do not let me die in New England, where the ground
is hardened by ice and silt and memory.
Let me be a new bud raising its head toward the sun.
Even in the darkest hours, my roots will siphon
what it needs to split its nymphal past.
Do not miss me, for I am survived by you.
Remember this as your rest your head
on the loam of my breast,
shading yourself
from the light.

(Nothing against New England. I'm a southern girl at heart.)


I loved this poem. It inspired me to write in a similar vein, since I, too, am a Southern girl at heart--but I don't want to be buried in South Florida.

I'm not posting poems, but I'd be happy to send you a copy, if you want to know how inspirational you are (and to make sure you don't feel like I ripped off your idea--should it ever be published, I would be sure to give you credit for the original inspiration).
January said…
Thanks Kristin. I'd love to read it for the pleasure of reading it. It's your poem, send it out into the world. And I'll try to respond by Sunday.

My e-mail is jgill27494 AT aol dot com.

Thanks for sharing, Kristin
Jessie Carty said…
really enjoyed this one, especially nymphal past :)
Anonymous said…
happy napowrimo! here we go!!!!
Heidi G. said…
She knows me well, a New England girl but with perhaps a Southern girl's heart. And how could you have known that there comes of my past, a favorite childhood Dogwood tree where I retreated outside under and found true peace among it's comforting limbs and shaded blossoms. Thank you for this dedication in the spirit of Spring and renewal because when all is done here, "I do not want to be buried" in the bitter cold of New England despite it where I call it my home.

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