Virtual Blog Tour for Underlife

Like a bullet train, the blog tour for Underlife rolls on with a new review by Sarah J. Sloat . Here's an excerpt, referencing my poem "Old Dog":

The poem went for me beyond the points I’ve mentioned because some decades ago in a parallel universe, I was the one white girl in my grade school class. I kept a very low profile and put up with my share of taunting. I remember being followed home one day by a clutch of kids who had a chant that started “Black is beautiful / white is shit / if you don’t believe….,”

Check out reviews from Kelli Russell Agodon, Donna Vorreyer, and Joseph Harker. Also, we've added Carolee Sherwood to the list! Read her review on May 1, and don't forget to visit all the blogs of the participating reviewers. Let's keep the awesomeness going! (That's right, I said "awesomeness" ... and I meant it!)

Tour stops for Underlife
Apr. 13 :: Kelli Russell Agodon :: Book of Kells
Apr. 15 :: Donna Vorreyer :: Put Words Together. Make Meaning.
Apr. 20 :: Joseph Harker :: Naming Constellations
Apr. 22 :: Sarah J. Sloat :: The Rain in My Purse
Apr. 27 :: Kimberlee Gerstmann :: Scraps and Sass
Apr. 29 :: Wanda McCollar :: Piping of Plenty
May 1 :: Carolee Sherwood :: Carolee Sherwood


Jessie Carty said…
I love when reviews pull from their on experience. It really shows the interaction of the writer and reader
January said…
Jessie, I highly recommend the blog tour as a way of promoting your book.

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