Virtual Blog Tour for Underlife

The Virtual Blog Tour for Underlife continues with a review from Joseph Harker. Here's an excerpt:

Poems are fauna: some are more agreeable and cuddly, some are interesting in their angles, and some hurt to look at but you can’t tear yourself away. I admire O’Neil’s ability to populate this zoo of identity with race, and gender, and all the vicissitudes of life, and still make it all sing to the reader with her words.

Also, check out reviews from Kelli Russell Agodon and Donna Vorreyer. Thanks to Kelli, Donna, and Joseph for their reviews.

Tour stops for Underlife
Apr. 13 :: Kelli Russell Agodon :: Book of Kells
Apr. 15 :: Donna Vorreyer :: Put Words Together. Make Meaning.
Apr. 20 :: Joseph Harker :: Naming Constellations
Apr. 22 :: Sarah J. Sloat :: The Rain in My Purse
Apr. 27 :: Kimberlee Gerstmann :: Scraps and Sass
Apr. 29 :: Wanda McCollar :: Piping of Plenty


Jessie Carty said…
i love blogging book tours and the fresh insight you can get with each review!
Deb said…
You've got great readers on your tour. Congratulations!
Unknown said…
The bus doors are open. You can disembark for the last stop on the tour -

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