Do You Have a Poem in Your Pocket?

I do. I have two.

The one I'm holding is by Drew Myron. She won my CavanKerry Press book giveaway at the beginning of April. Drew sent me the kindest note with this tiny poem, so I am carrying this gift with me today.

small things

The world is full of glass
Unpack slowly
Shake pedals
Serve tea
Give wide starts
Live among psalms
Pull thin light
Stand tall
Give thanks.

I am grateful for Drew's poem today, and for Mark Strand's "Keeping Things Whole"--the other poem I am carrying with me--because I received official notice that my divorce is final. So today of all days, I need something to hold onto. Today, I am pulling thin light, standing tall, and giving thanks.

Thanks Drew.

So, what poem is in your pocket today, and why?


drew said…
What an honor! Thank you January.

You've brightened my day.
You are an amazing woman. Enjoy your day and every day.

Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Bittersweet. I'm sorry. My best to you during these hard days.
Catherine said…
I think "I write to keep things whole" would be a great line in place of "I move to keep things whole"
Even if you knew it was coming, the end must be hard.
Jessie Carty said…
bittersweet is the best way to put this post. i totally forgot about carrying a poem in my pocket!
January said…
Thanks everyone. I move to keep things whole.

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