Virtual Blog Tour for Underlife

Rolling, rolling, rolling! It's the end of the month, but we're picking up steam. The blog tour for Underlife has one more passenger with a new review by Wanda McCollar. Here's an excerpt:

"Her poems are open, honest, fresh, and unafraid. Some are the most sensual poetry I’ve ever read. There is no posturing, affectation, pseudo sophistication. These wonderful, welcome poems touch us at the very center of how we experience life in a way that uplifts us and teaches us to find new meaning in our daily existence. Nothing more than that can ever be asked of poetry.”

Check out reviews from Kelli Russell Agodon, Donna Vorreyer,Joseph Harker, and Sarah J. Sloat . We'll end with two stops on May 1, with Kimberlee Gerstmann and Carolee Sherwood. Don't forget to visit all the blogs of the participating reviewers. Woo hoo!

Tour stops for Underlife
Apr. 13 :: Kelli Russell Agodon :: Book of Kells
Apr. 15 :: Donna Vorreyer :: Put Words Together. Make Meaning.
Apr. 20 :: Joseph Harker :: Naming Constellations
Apr. 22 :: Sarah J. Sloat :: The Rain in My Purse
Apr. 29 :: Wanda McCollar :: Piping of Plenty
May 1 :: Kimberlee Gerstmann :: Scraps and Sass
May 1 :: Carolee Sherwood :: Carolee Sherwood


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