Confession Tuesday

It’s the last Tuesday of NaPoWriMo, which means it’s also Confession Tuesday. Share a bit of yourself with us today and we promise to do the same. And don’t forget to say hi to the folks doing time in The Confessional (see sidebar).

Thanks to everyone who has voted for me as the 2010 Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere. It’s cheesy, but think of it as your way of checking out some very good poet-bloggers you may not have heard about otherwise.


Congrats to all those who will complete NaPoWriMo. Looks like I will be writing 30 poems in 45 days instead of the traditional 30! Well, what can I say? The month got away from me. I feel like the last marathon runner crossing the finish line just before dark.

Last night I started a sonnet. Not ready to post but I haven’t written a sonnet since my grad school days. Woo hoo!


I’m exhausted! What is it about spring that tires me out? I’m up at 5 a.m., working long days only to come home and spend a few hours with the kids. After play time, dinner, showers, reading to the kids, and packing lunches, I’m pooped! And then by 8:30 p.m., I’m nearly comatose. If I even sit down on the bed it’s a good bet I’ll be asleep within 10 minutes. There’s just not enough time in the day, so I’m doing my best to stretch my waking hours.

I’m sure it’s equally as crazy in your household, right?


Besides being a full-time mom and full-time employee, much of my time has been spent promoting Underlife. I have really enjoyed reading in front of audiences, so I’m working to set up reading dates for the fall and next spring.

The efforts seem to be paying off. Before AWP Denver, Underlife was nearly halfway through its first print run—not bad for a book released in December 2009! Here’s hoping for a second print run before the end of 2010.


Here’s my Poetry To-Do List

1. Finish up NaPoWriMo poems
2. Read through poetry submissions for a contest I'm judging
3. Set up reading dates
4. Write a book review for Gently Read Lit
5. Update blog to add more pages
6. Revise second manuscript (mid May)
7. Submit new poems to journals from second manuscript
8. Revive video project (mid-May)
9. Update Goodreads, and look into
10. Catch up on my reading


Writer Bug said…
Just reading about your life exhausts me. I can barely manage to balance a demanding job, writing, and a (fairly demanding) husband. How anyone can throw kids into the mix and not drop from exhaustion, I don't know! Props to you, January!
Jessie Carty said…
i don't know how i'd keep up if i still had a regular full time job and kids! so excited to hear the second manuscript compiling is coming together :)
Julia said…
Kudos to you. I would faint of exhaustion. I wonder how you do it all.

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