Confession Tuesday

If I'm confessing, it must be Tuesday!

Unburden yourself. Share tell us something we don't know, and don't forget to check out the other sinners in The Confessional.


I was up to 2 a.m. writing an article. Details to come very soon!


Because of that, I’m behind a poem-a-day behind.

In trying to encourage a friend to keep going with his writing this month, I said: "The thing about writing a poem daily is that for the next few weeks, in order to do it, 30 poems-30 days, you have to make it a priority over everything and everyone. It's a totally selfish act. You have to carve out time when you can, because catching up is tough."

I'm trying very hard to balance this writing life with work and family. It's a delicate balance. Some days, I feel frazzled while other days I'm happy if everyone gets that one thing that they needed from me, no matter what it is. But truth be told, I love the NaPoWriMo challenge. I feel more myself when I'm active in the this creative pursuit than almost anything else.


Keeping confessions short so I conserve time and energy to visit blogs. And, I'm attending my local writers' workshop this evening.

My only goal today is to get everything done before midnight so I get a good night's sleep. That's what I need today.


How are you, today?


Collin Kelley said…
I'm an expert at task juggling at this point. You should be able to get an MFA in that.
Deb said…
Good for you! "I feel most myself" is an amazing place.

I'm not quite there, but, here's a confession:
susan said…
I'm playing catch up, to. And I'm learning when I need to drop some things temporarily to accomplish a big goal like 30 in 30. lol
January said…
Thanks for your confessions. I'll come by tonight and tomorrow to read your sins!

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