NaPoWriMo 11


The bouncer stamps our hands
“too young to drink,” but no matter,
let’s get this party started right.
Synchronized moves, we dip and flip,
bump and grind to “It Takes Two,” “Wild Thing”
“Bust a move,” and that’s what we’d do
as the sweat drips from our bodies--
we don't need no water
let the mother fucker burn.
Can you Cabbage Patch? Let me see you
do the Wop. Let me see you Vogue.
Throw your hands in the air,
and party like you just don’t care.
Doesn't matter where we go
let the rhythm move you.

When “In the Air Tonight” played,
it was last call for alcohol.
The double doors thrusts
us into the night,
where the beat goes on
and on and on


Goodnight, Mom said…
Just saw this one.

Ah Ferrari's.

Sister, I can cabbage patch like no body's business!
January said…
I remember you and Gordy doing The Shopping Cart. Some memories are priceless.

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