NaPoWriMo 6

(This is based on Robert Lee Brewer's Poetic Asides' prompt about a landmark. )

The Scope

From an aerial view it looks like
a giant breast with no nipple,
a tan dome in the middle
of a square city. In Norfolk
this was the height of all
that was modern, the city’s centerpiece
raised to anchor an evolving downtown,
a place for concerts and the circus,
for car shows and boat shows,
with every military and high school
ceremony in between.
Through the clouds I am surprised
How clearly it see it—your new breast
buttressed by stitches around it,
a mountain without its peak.
Can’t imagine this place without its topography,
yet the streets still hums and thrums
as it always has, as it always will.
Every year a crepe myrtle blooms
around you is a gift.


susan said…
Well done, January. Love the image and the closing with the bloom is beautiful.

Now, I am strange so maybe no one will get my connection but the image of your public breast reminded me of nursing my daughters. Your exposed breast made me think of my own and how sometimes the image disturbed others. To me, I was simply feeding my kids, and I don't know why that would bother anyone. The idea of looking at your word choice/image here seemed equally natural to me.


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