NaPoWriMo 8

Tea with My Husband

I climb into bed thinking of
the kids’ shoes readied by the door
backpacks packed, bills paid,
the computer’s final hum
and click before shutdown.
The kettle spits and whistles
over the furious burner.
I hear water splashing into our mugs,
into the same mugs we have used for years.
No amount of sugar could make this any sweeter:
the moment when you place our teas on the nightstand
and slip your warm body into the sheets.
I love the way we border each other
into the night.


Maya Ganesan said…
Ooooh, lovely. I'm working on my #8. It's difficult. :(
Kristin said…
I love this poem best so far of the poems you've written for April, I think (or was "Zebra" my favorite?). I love the images of domestic peace, the house put to bed for the night, the tea on the nightstand. Beautiful!
odessa said…
i love it! this poems just flows, in such a soothing way. i love the image of teas on the nightstand too.
January said…
Thanks Odessa, Kristin, and Maya. I've been up past midnight trying to write these poems. Silly, I know, but I'm really enjoying it.

Hope your NaPoWriMos are going well.
Mozart Guerrier said…
"I love the way we border into..."

that line was terrific. really enjoyed reading :)

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