NaPoWriMo 10

(Ok, this one is problematic. I used "making" twice, which I had to edit. I held it up a day to revise but sometimes you have to just let go.)

When It Rains

There’s a hole in the ceiling
I only notice when it rains,
and tonight the rain beats
against us all. I wonder
what mold, if any, lives above us,
making us all invisibly unwell
and always under the weather.
When it rains
the door jambs swell and stick
with each passing squall.
How I have loved each creaky step
leading to sloped rooms
with so many stories
the plaster cracks into
bolts of negative lightning.
What small consolation
the rain is against the dark.
Somewhere there’s a hole
in need of repair—
I just know it.


Catherine said…
I can only find "making" once - have you edited it since you posted it? Or am I being blind?
Catherine said…
By the way, I believe it should be "door jambs"
I'm enjoying your poems this month.
January said…
Thanks Catherine! I did make an edit to "making" and did not change my comment. And thanks for door "jambs."

Hope all is well with you.

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