NaPoWriMo 9

What Love Cannot Do

It cannot save itself
when it expires
like a tire’s slow leak.
It cannot bring back
the greediness of youth,
mouth on mouth, skin on skin,
that gnawing, that longing
you carried until the next time,
and then there is no next time.
You never see it coming
but always see it leaving.
It waits by the door, bags packed,
full of the stones from your life.
What it can do is mark the distance
between Point A and Point B,
which feels a galaxy,
every star you ever wished upon
imploding before your eyes.


Odessa said…
love this! i think you are so good at writing under pressure. all your NaPoWriMo poems are great! i really like the rhythm and flow here.
kj said…
this is an awesome poem, starting with the title. i really really love it.

Color Online said…
Oh Maude. This created such an ache in me. And like Odessa, I'm in awe not only because of your talent, but how do you do this under this kind of pressure?

You rock, J.

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