NaPoWriMo 2

Bathing My Mother

She braces herself
for the question of hot water
and her whole body responds in relief,
the first bit she’s had all morning.
Leaning against the shower wall
we begin, the way I would
if I was bathing a child—quickly,
as not to prolong this simple act.
I lather soap between my fingers,
unfurl my washcloth over her skin
carefully, so not to touch her incision.
It is all business, my hands rotating
in a circular pattern down her hips
and between her legs,
her body slick as a sea lion’s.
She reaches around for the cloth,
no words, but I listen
like a stethoscope
for her to say something.


odessa said…
i love the phrase 'listen like a stethoscope'. such a tender moment and you captured it wonderfully.

p.s. now i miss my mom :(
Nic Sebastian said…
Nice stuff, January. Best of luck for rest of the month!
January said…
Thanks Nic.

Are you trying any of the many writing challenges in April?
January said…
Thanks Odessa.
Anonymous said…
even though it's early in the month, you've stumbled upon a keeper!
Mozart Guerrier said…
very nice image
anna said…
Beautiful, January! And 2 poems already tis month? You put me to shame!
January said…
Thanks Anna, Mozart, and Carolee. Thanks for stopping by.

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