NaPoWriMo 12

Easter Morning

After the kids find their chocolate bunnies
in pastel baskets with fake green grass,
after the jelly beans planted last night
magically turn into lollipops at dawn,
I listen to them cheeping in the living room
gaps of silence then and an uproar of chatter.
This is the sound of happiness: two kids
in conversation, all present tense, wonderfully broken,
like the fine clicking noises of squirrels,
high-pitched banter, a brother-sister repartee
with the laughter that comes from total and utter glee.
My early risers, their dialogue is meaningful only to them.
About what? Coloring books and waffles,
maybe Easter dinner at Nonna’s, where the talk
is more akin to cross-examinations by grownups.
I am privy today to the secret lives of these children
as they play without want or ire,
happily entertaining themselves,
with no idea that anyone at all is listening.


Deb said…
Delightful morning, and poem.

You are doing great with NaPoWriMo!
Odessa said…
lovely pictures and you captured kids' speak so well.

also, happy easter! :)
Wayne Pitchko said…
nice and my partner just finished a great choloate bunny.....yummy...i thin k i got more than she did
Ali said…
Fun poem! I discovered your blog when in search of women poets of color for a post I just finished for Poetry Month. I picked my two favorites in your recent archives to mention in my post. Can't wait to see the book when it comes out!
Kay Cooke said…
And what fleeting times they are; you are wise to record those days - and so wonderfully too.
January said…
Thanks Kay. And thanks everyone. Hope you all had a Happy Easter (or a nice Sunday).

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