August Poetry To-Do's

Yesterday, I took my car in for repairs, ordered a mini laptop, killed a mouse, and cut the lawn for the first time ever. I am woman, hear me roar! (Thanks, Helen Reddy.)


Have you read Steven Schroeder's Ranking System for poets? It's a scream, yet all too true.


And now, the August Poetry To-Do's

  1. Because the marketing question is an important one, I'm going to write a series of blog posts on poetry and marketing. Specifically, I'm seeking out and sharing the innovative ways poets and writers promote their work. I think it's important to recognize successes as well as failures so we not just grow but thrive as a community.
  2. Write 8 poems. I'm stepping up my number because ... well ... I've written one poem since April. *sigh*
  3. Continue revising second manuscript.
  4. Write article for RWP. Dana and co. have done a great job updating the site. It's like a poetry playground of sorts.
  5. Start reading Animal Vegetable Miracle.


Kells said…

I finally wrote something yesterday. I'm going to step up the poetry writing too.

Oh and by the way-- you rock! I have *never* in my life mowed the lawn. My mum had me convinced I'd cut off all my fingers. I still say that to this day. ;-)
Jessilyn said…
I 've only mowed the lawn a couple times in my life and it was all when I was about 10 so If I had to do it again I'm sure it wouldn't look that great the first time around. I write alittle poetry myself if you have some time check it out at
January said…
Thanks for stopping by, Jessilyn.
January said…
Kelli, you are my hero! It's so hard writing in the summer and yet you managed to do it. Here's hoping some of your magic will rub off on me this weekend.
Goodnight, Mom said…
Wait. You ordered the laptop???

Congrats on the mouse disposal and the lawn!

Roar baby, roar!

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