Confession Tuesday

I confess: I love this special little girl so much. Ella is 4 years old today! Here she is with the one, the only, Chuck E Cheese.


Happy Birthday President Obama!


Feeling a bit overwhelmed these days. It's finally sinking in that I'm traveling this road without a partner. I'm dealing with things I've never had to deal with, like car troubles, cutting the grass, or solving a mouse problem (that's a new one). And last night, because of all the wet weather we've had, I found evidence of mildew in the family room. An easy fix, but I spent more than an hour cleaning off surfaces--left me with little energy to write.

When I dwell on this stuff too long, I remind myself of a few kind works that Carolee wrote to me (hope she doesn't mind me sharing):

it *could* be the universe doing a few things: giving you a chance to prove to yourself that you can handle the things he would have handled OR giving you a chance to fail at something (auto maintenance/repair) that's ultimately unimportant to who you are (it's not the kids; you're all over that. it's not the poetry; you're all over that. etc.).

Thanks Carolee! XOXO


Frugal find of the day: On my way to work, I found an toy electric Barbie car someone was giving away by the side of the road. It's one of those cars big enough for two small kids--something I'd never pay for. So I stopped the car, put it in my trunk, and drove it home. Ella will be thrilled with mommy's latest find! It's amazing what people throw out. I'm just happy I can keep it out of landfill for a few more years.


As for my car, it hit 200K miles on my trip to D.C.! My 2000 Subura ROCKS!


The Lenovo (IBM) mini laptop I've had my eye on the pass few weeks has dropped in price to $291. So tempting. Is it possible that the price could drop even more? It would be nice to travel with a lighter laptop, that was clear to me on the D.C. trip.


On the writing front, I started a new poem on Sunday that I hope to finish today or tomorrow. I also booked a reading for January 2010! To-do list coming today or tomorrow.


I posted a poetry poll yesterday. Scroll down and fill it out--just takes a second.

Thanks for reading and confessing. Don't forget to stop by and say hello to my fellow sinners in The Confessional.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Kristin said…
Even partnered people don't always get the help they need from their partners when facing life issues, like car trouble or the death of parents or job woes or rodents of all sorts. I wonder if that's an even lonelier feeling. Silly to compare lonelinesses, of course, like it's an inane competition--one that no one wants to win!

The wisest course of action, if we can manage it, is to surround ourselves with as big a support net as possible. And it sounds like you've got one!
January said…
Yes, I do. That's been the biggest blessing out of all of this--knowing that my family and friends are there for me.

Very true about couples. Sometimes it is lonelier to have a partner who doesn't "get it." I've been there, too.
Color Online said…
You can do this. You are enough. In fact, you're amazing.

Happy birthday, Ella.
odessa said…
happy birthday ella!

and yes, i agree with color online, you can do this, you are amazing. *sending hugs your way*

here's mine for this week: confession tuesday
Deb said…
I'm confessing I am not confessing today.

But I send you hugs and kudos for continuing everything, esp in the face of doing most of it yourself.
Catherine said…
My eldest, umarried, daughter has a full time job, is a great writer and lives. She is also very frugal and has a substantial mortgage. She had an aha! moment and gave herself permission to have someone else mow her lawns, realising that she really doesn't have to do it all.
Would it make you feel better about your mouse problem if I tell you that we have a rat problem? So far it has ignored the tasty treats in the industrial size rat trap we set, and ignored the poison baits, too.
This is all new to you, but you will get there.
January said…
Catherine, yes, it helps. Thanks.

Your daughter sounds like a special person, just like her mother.
January said…
Deb, hugs to you, too.
January said…
Color Online, thanks for the support. Hope you're enjoying the summer.

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