Getting Trashed

I’m feeling pretty lucky today to be part of a community of Trashfinders. These are people who see the world differently. They look down a lot. They’re not afraid to get dirty. They find beauty the things others throw away. Someone else’s unwanted item gets a second life in the hands of a new owner.

One less thing in a landfill.

Congrats to creator Sean Devlin, documentarian Kevin Carey, the Trashfinder’s board, and the participants for turning a trashy idea into treasure!

Here are a few pics from last night’s event. See the trailer here.

Sean Devlin, Creator, Trashfinder's Ball (also featured in movie poster)

Doumentarian Kevin Carey with Sean

The after party!


Collin Kelley said…
Love that picture of you!
January said…
Thanks Collin!

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