Midnight Madness

Like many of us, I’m mourning the death on Ted Kennedy. The last lion. Living in Massachusetts, his passing is especially poignant. What a life. What a family. Feels like the end of an era, doesn’t it?


This is the second day that I have not spent any money. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. It’s sort of a test of will, but whenever I go through a period of spending (car repairs, travel, gifts, etc.), I like to go on a “money fast” to see how little I can spend for a few days. It helps me put things into perspective, and reminds me that I need to focus on my savings goals.

In truth, I was in desperate need of chocolate this afternoon. I would have bough ice cream if a friend hadn't treated me, but it worked out in my favor so my zero spending is in tact. Even talked the kids out of buying pizza for dinner.


Fun things I am saving for:
• Book launch party
• Knockout dress for party
• Travel to support book in ’10
• Christmas
• Jazzfest 2010


I feel the same way about poetry. After a long period of not writing, I really enjoy overdoing it and writing in overdrive. Gets me back into a groove. So I am writing, sorting through what’s worth saving. What an ugly, humbling, spiritual process.


Will work on the manuscript this weekend. Looking forward to getting back into it after being away for a few weeks. It’s not ready for public consumption by any means, but I enjoy the struggle of putting together a coherent piece of work.


I’d like to start a pet project of mine: a screenplay on Anne Sexton. I don’t have time to work on it this year, but I may make it my yearlong project in 2010 after manuscript #2 is complete and I’ve read through the bulk of the books on my book list.


Goodnight moon!


Kay said…
You amaze me Janz! Go you!
January said…
Love that you call me Janz! I have a few good friends who call me Jana, so those nicknames always make me smile.

Hope you are well.
Rethabile said…
Aren't these about the only things to save for? Apart from the children's education, of course.

January, it was a real pleasure to talk to you. We didn't meet. But that can wait. What a bridge this thing called poetry is...
Rethabile said…
Goodbye to Mr Kennedy.
January said…
Rethabile, I'm sorry that we didn't get to me but what a treat to speak with you. And who knows, maybe I'll visit France one of these days.

Hope you are well.
Rethabile said…
Must visit France. And when you do, must look me up.

Collin Kelley said…
Many moons ago, I began work on a stage play about Anne Sexton. It was a one woman show and took place on stage as if she was giving a reading. When I started exploring using Sexton's poetry and writings as part of the project, I stopped because the estate is very protective. They horrible film about Sylvia Plath -- where they made up poetry that sorta sounded like Plath -- was a travesty. I have always wanted to see a film about Sexton. Sigourney Weaver has always been my first choice.
January said…
Collin, your play sounds like a terrific idea.

I think I would like to write about the time when she was hanging out with Lowell, Plath, and Merwin (?), the postpartum time when she was just harnessing her creativity. I wouldn't want to write too much about her decline. She was creative, but cruel to her family then.

I see Angelina Jolie in the role.

And the Plath movie was disappointing.
Kells said…

I so loved this post.

First, the money fast is an awesome idea. I'm going to try it (I know I'll have to spend money on Wed, as my violin lessons start up again), but I love the idea of seeing what we can do without.

And I feel the same way about poetry--"After a long period of not writing, I really enjoy overdoing it and writing in overdrive."

Love the Anne S idea!

A very inspiring post! Go forth!!


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