Car Talk

(Frick and Frack behind the wheel!)

This may go down as the greatest trashfinder find of all time! Last week, I was leaving for work when I spotted this battery-operated Barbie car. The sign on it read, “Free. Needs battery.” So I did what any budget-conscious-not-wanting-to-put-another-big-plastic-toy-in-a landfill person would do. I stopped, put it into the back of my Subaru, and took it home—on Ella’s birthday, no less!

The battery finally came in this week, so the kids have been driving around every chance they get.

*Kids make terrible drivers. *


Continuing the car talk, I decided to get my 2000 Subaru with 200,000 miles fixed instead of buying a new car. *sigh* There’s just too much going right now to pretend I can make a rational decision about an expensive piece of equipment. And if I can get another year or two out of the car, I’ll be happy.


Maybe I should start driving the pink Barbie car around town.


Speaking on trashy finds, I have been working with the head trashfinders to promote their new documentary on the Trashfinder’s Ball. The world premier at our local event is August 20. I’m so looking forward to this little event because it is a community-based celebration of the things we throw away.

You can watch the trailer at the Trashfinder's Ball Web site.


Marita Siddal said…
Rock that Subaru!

I've been following your blog for a little while now, *LOVE* it. Especially the recent post on the marketing of poetry.

Good luck with your family's vehicles, large and tiny!
Anonymous said…
of course you should drive around in a pink barbie jeep! silly questions. silly questions. :)
Kay said…
How cool is that?
January said…
Kay, it'd pretty cool. Or as we say in New England, "wickedc cool!"

Carolee, when I come for a visit, I'll be driving the little, pink car!

Thanks, Marita, for the kind words. Any comments you have about marketing (or anything else) are greatly appreciated.

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