Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday folks! Time to confess. Share a little bit of yourself with us. And don’t forget to say hi to those waiting it out in The Confessional.

Life is strange. Well, that’s nothing new. But my life feels strange. Divorce is incredibly painful. I’m saying goodbye to one path in order to forge another. Yet, I'm moving in a direction that will get me closer to the life I want for me and the kids, cutting out much of the unnecessary BS that’s been holding us back.

Also, I find myself doing things I’ve never had to do before, like using an air compressor to blow up a pool, or cutting the grass (ugh), or change an air filter, which my friend, Heidi, says she does all the time to save money. All of this is supposed to build character, right?


Lately, I’ve found relief in spending time with Alex and Ella. Sounds strange coming from me, who craves her “me” time more than most moms, I think. But we’ve had a pretty good summer goofing off. Whenever the stress gets to be a little too much, they usually do or say something that gets me out of my funk. I’ve said it before, but they are my silver linings in all of this.


Yesterday, Ella called me a “… sleepy, old pear!” Maybe she meant, “Sleepy, old bear.” Either way, how can I not laugh at that?


This also has been the summer of spending more time with friends than ever before. That has been a real blessing.


The Trashfinder’s Ball documentary premier is this Thursday. Hope you can make it! I think I’m in a few scenes.


Special thanks to Carolee, again, for pulling me out of my poetry writing funk by collaborating on baseball poetry. I’ll write a few more poems before the month is over. The fact that wrote anything is a miracle in itself.


I put my manuscript revisions on hold to finish up a few other projects, but I’ll take another look at it this week.

I'm tweeting. Not sure if I see the value yet, but I'm tweeting.


Maybe I am a sleepy, old pear.


Anonymous said…
you're welcome! it was fun. we can do a challenge anytime. and it doesn't have to be just baseball. :)
chicklegirl said…
My heart goes out to you, as you are navigating new territory, and doing it solo.

It's good to be back in the booth; I needed it this week!
Collin Kelley said…
Sounds like you're getting back in touch with you. Nothing wrong with that at all!

Keep tweeting! A list is coming shortly. :)
Scott said…
Here are some stories on divorce that may be of interest
Heidi G said…
We should all take lesson in the idea of 'getting back to me' concept. So many in this world are unfamiliar with living in the moment, being aware of the now, and loosing those precious perspectives only child seem to possess. I commend your courage and the grace with which you rise to the occasion we call life. I know a lot about doing for one's self out of necessity of being a single woman most of my days, and having to give care to family members both younger and older. It's how some of grow a strong backbone while still remaining tender and loving.
January said…
Thanks for the feedback everyone.

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