Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Musings

The sky has opened up to a furious rain. But here I sit at a Starbucks with a hot chocolate, perfectly content. I’m so happy to have the gift of time that all I want to do is waste it. I know when I get home, the kids and I will finger paint, or create flowers out of pipe cleaners and egg cartons, but for now, it is enough to just sit among strangers and get lost. It is absolutely decedent; eating a box of a Godiva chocolates could never taste this good.


Taking a few minutes to read the latest editions of Poets & Writers and APR. Working on new poems, too.


Have you seen any of the Ted Kennedy memorial and funeral? Heart wrenching. It’s made me think a lot about eulogies and their purpose—for celebration and comfort in a difficult time. It's inspired me to write my own eulogy as a prompt. Who knows, maybe it will come in handy in 60 years!


Writer Bug is starting a dialogue on her blog: Do you submit to contests with fees? Visit Bug and give her your two cents.


Song playing on iTunes: Walk Like a Panther by The Pretenders, “To keep up with me, you’ve got to walk like a panther tonight.”

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Writer Bug said...

A lovely thought on the gift of time. It's so true. Tomorrow I have a 3+ hour layover on my way home from Canada, and I'm *trying* to view it as a gift, not as an inconvenience.... And thanks for sending people my way to talk about contest submitting. I loved what you had to say.


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