Happy Friday

I have the day off, and it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day!


Thanks to Color Online for featuring my book Underlife on her blog. Thanks S!

Carolee and I are collaborating on baseball poetry during the Red Sox-Yankees series. Dueling poems, so to speak.

*Poem #1 free write
*Poem #2 leave out the word "baseball"
*Poem #3 must use the words "double," "steal," "sign," and "argue."


Thanks for the feedback on my posts about the marketing of poetry and the average poetry book buyer. Keep those comments coming!


Today, the kids and I are going to a kids carnival at our local park. Should be fun.


Color Online said…
You're welcome
evelyn.n.alfred said…
I really enjoyed the poem featured on Color Online.
January said…
Thanks Evelyn! And thanks for visiting my blog.

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