A Quickie

After another night of not sleeping well, I’m really feeling it today. Stiff neck and sore throat. Drat!


Part of the reason I stayed up late was to finish reading a friend’s manuscript and write a back-cover blurb. I feel privileged and honored to do so, as this was my first. Just feel terrible that it took me three months to do it, but it’s done. Woo hoo! And the book is excellent.


Tonight is world premier of The Trashfinder’s Ball documentary! This is a documentary on a community-based effort that celebrates trash. Well, it celebrates the unique things we throw away, and how we recycle. You can read about the film in Wicked Local and the Salem News.


One of my best friends offered me the chance to write articles with her online venture. More on that later.

I’m finding no shortage of writing opportunities out there, I’m just too tired to take advantage!

I’m slowing catching up on my blog responses. Sorry for the delay.



Kay said…
Sleep tight J. :)
January said…
"It's getting better all the time," as the song goes! Thanks Kay.

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