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Carolee and I have been talking for weeks about doing some sort of collaborative poetry effort during the Red Sox-Yankees series. Admittedly, my team is not doing so well so it's hard to write about being the losing team. Oh well, two more games. If we can split the series, I'll be happy.

This poem came out of Thursday night's game, from a play made by center fielder (and Red Sox hottie) Jacoby Ellsbury. Beyond that, I really can't muster anything about this particular game, but I will write a game-specific poem for my next effort.

For the record, this is the first poem I've written in months. Not my best poem, but I have to thank Carolee for giving me something to focus on again. Will write two more poems over the next few days.

I would have posted it sooner but I had to deal with my car today. My Subaru has more than 200,000 miles but I think she might be on her last leg (read: head gasket).



Is Jacoby Ellsbury
running down the warning track,
tracking a ball’s trajectory
as his shoulder slams
into a padded wall.
Home run or long single?
Inning ending or game spark?
It’s his job to put his body
between the ball and inertia.
He’s learned how to see
what’s in front of him
and face it.

High drive to deep right center, way back …

It’s a can-of-corn play,
though half the crowd
wants the longball,
the other half leans back,
holds their breath
as it spirals below
the bright lights.
A nation of voices
siphoned down to whispers.
He knows the game
is out of reach,
yet he fully extends
his supple body,
lifts his arm
and braces for impact.


Kay said…
That's awesome. It's hard to write a poem about sports, and you've written a very fine one. Well done. I'm sure the baseball player would love it - you should send it to him!
Anonymous said…
even this yankees fan can admit he's a hottie. :)

a poem! yay!

(sorry about your car. yuck.)

i like this:

He’s learned how to see
what’s in front of him
and face it.


He knows the game
is out of reach,
Anonymous said…
1. Congratulations on your first publication! That is quite an accomplishment.

2. Your poem may be the best thing the Red Sox have going for them. ;o)

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