Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Time to confess. Don't forget to stop in and say hello to the folks hanging out in The Confessional.

This is my new Lenovo IdeaPad (left). Isn't she pretty?


Had I known the very next day after ordering the laptop that I'd need to replace my car, I would have waited on that purchase. Tomorrow I'm taking my Subura in for the nail-in-the-coffin diagnosis, which I believe will be a head gasket. Hope I'm wrong and the car can be fixed for little money.


My aunt is in the hospital recovering from surgery. Please send good vibes her way. Thanks.


Every day, we have the ability to do the right thing. If yesterday was a disaster, today is a new day to do better. We get a do-over. Unlike animals, humans can make a conscious choice to right some wrong, help a friend, or make things better for ourselves and the people who surround us.

It pains me when good people make bad choices, and then neglect to fix them. (I think about this concept a lot these days.)


Working on a few projects that are keeping me busy. On tap for today is finishing my third baseball poem, writing an article for Read Write Poem and a blog post on marketing and poetry later this week.


Kells said…
Had I known the very next day after ordering the laptop that I'd need to replace my car, I would have waited on that purchase.

***This always happens! My husband just worked an OT to buy a new bike and our Beetle decided to play dead. It's currently at the VW repair shop after being towed there.

As for your disaster day, I had a day like that yesterday, while not a full disaster, I remember thinking I was crankier than usual, so I felt bad for sounding like such a witch. But yes, I have today to start over.
Anonymous said…
on tap here, too: third baseball poem. :)
Catherine said…
Good luck with the car. I've often found when I get a windfall of some extra money, that some big repair bill then crops up to soak up all the extra money. I decided I had to stop thinking that it was a bad thing that something happened to use up extra cash, and start thinking that it was a good thing that it happened when I *had* extra cash.
Do remember to enjoy the laptop, whatever happens with the car.
January said…
Thanks Catherine. I am enjoying the laptop. The smaller keyboard and screen will take some getting used to.

As for the car, I decided to get it fixed in hopes of getting another year or two out of it. An expensive repair is much easier to handle than a new car.

Thanks for your positive energy.
January said…
Carolee, my baseball poem is coming! Wrote it on my new laptop.
January said…
Kelli, car troubles are the worst because they're usually budget busters. Good luck with your car.

Most days I'm thankful for a do-over with the kids. They are forgiving, thank goodness, and always give me a second chance.

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