Back to Life

Hello! Hope everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving break.

I decided to focus solely on Alex and Ella during the holiday break. Guess I felt the need to devote all of my attention to them since this was the first Thanksgiving spent without family. Usually, my nerves are shot at the end of a long kid-filled weekend, but it turned out better than I expected. Hectic, but lots of fun. We even managed to put up Christmas decorations. Whew!

Also, I have a head cold. So between not feeling great and spending time with the kids, I stepped away from poetry and the blog. That’s always a good thing because I usually have more to say when I can get perspective on the rest of my life. No writing, but I did a little manuscript tweaking. I should wrap it up by December 1.

Here are some photos from the long weekend.

The Roller Palace

Boston Children's Museum

Museum of Science


Sandy Longhorn said…
Looks like an awesome weekend, although I'm sorry you're feeling poorly. Hope you recover quickly!
January said…
Thanks Sandy. Head colds are the worst.

Will you be at AWP DC? I'm wondering if we'll get a chance to meet.

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