Susan and Me

Isn't she lovely?

Don't be fooled by the slight blurriness of this iPhone photo. It is "the poet's glow" that occurs after giving a very successful reading!

Susan Rich and I had a fabulous time reading together at Porter Square Books last night. Special thanks to the staff who helped us pull it off. After months of planning and anticipation, what we would thought would happen did happen--our work complemented each other's incredibly well. There is a music and worldliness to Susan's poems that is simply captivating.

As much as I enjoy reading, I couldn't wait to sit down and become an audience member. Because she's a Brookline native, it was nice to see the hometown crowd come out to support her.

Susan says the West Coast poets give a "Two-Poem Warning," which gives the audience a chance to gage how long they have to sit in their seats. I inadvertently gave a three-poem warning because I don't wear a watch when I read. I like the idea, however. We may have to institute it here on the East Coast. Too funny.

The best part of last night's reading? We get to do it again on Sunday at the Miami Book Fair International!

November 21
Reading with Susan Rich,
Kevin Pilkington, and Mark Statman
Miami Book Fair International
2:30 p.m.

Thanks again, Susan, for giving a wonderful reading. See you soon!


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