Kibbles and Bits

I’m having one of those mornings. Just not in a good mood.

Right now, my daughter is playing the maracas, which is soooooo not helping.

The kids and I did manage to make it out to our local Y to run around for a few hours. What a resource the YMCA is—especially in the fall and winter. The amount of activities to keep kids occupied is terrific.


Today, we’re going to see the new movie Megamind as part of a playdate. Very cool.


Then later, November PAD poems 5 and 6. If I wasn’t in such a grumpy mood, I would have finished a draft this morning. But I think I need to take a mini-break for now. Kids first. Poems later.


Happy Saturday, folks.


Jim K. said…
This is a really depressive
time of year in New England.
Grey, cold, sun leaving.
SAD starts now: keep up the vit-D.
Also, unexpected poetic volume
can be strangely draining.
I do little edits across a
folder sometimes. Peace of cake,
very satisfying, right? Happy
for a while. I feel like
an anvil fell later.
I do a lot of soups, cocoa, naps.

That's my me-opic take on it all.
January said…
Soups, cocoa, and naps? Sounds perfect for this rainy weather we're having.

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