November PAD 12

Still Life with Children and a Bowl of Strawberries

The shade of a birch tree,
the thawp-thawp sound of flip flops
hitting the backs of heels
then kicked carelessly into the wind.
We sit criss-cross applesauce
the three of us picnicking in the front yard
as the afternoon ripens into evening.
The earth is our table, strawberries at the center.
The color of blood, the color of life,
our small red hearts in a white bowl,
juice rolling down our chins
and there is laughter. Call them
“nature’s candy” and they won’t believe you,
even though they know it to be true.
We wipe our hands on the grass,
plump and full of ourselves.


weeinie man said…
gotta have kids for this one i think
xcross applesauce - ha - i've hear that one quite a bit
reminds me of whatzisname
van sydow eating his strawberries in "7th seal"

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