Miami - Day 2

Another beautiful day. While I spent much of Saturday soaking up the sun at the vendor fair, Sunday was all about poetry. I missed C.K. Williams and Campbell McGrath in their session to hear Geoffrey Philp and Nina Romano read from their collections. It was a pleasure meeting them both.

Geoffrey Philp

It’s safe to say that Geoffrey and I have been admirers of each other’s poetry for a while, thanks to the blogosphere. But our true "connection" is through Rethabile. Amazing!

Nina Romano

Then I had the great pleasure of reading again with Susan Rich. Joining us was Mark Statman and Kevin Pilkington. I was more excited about hearing everyone else’s work than reading my own (but don’t get me wrong—I enjoyed reading).

Here are poets Mark Statman and Mervyn Taylor.

Susan and me.

Kevin Pilkington, Mark Statman, Susan, and me.

The Miami Book Fair does not disappoint. I've never seen so many people come out for books in my life! Congrats to festival chair and founder Mitchell Kaplan, whom I met yesterday (not pictured), for pulling all of this together, and for supporting books, books, books!


It was a pleasure to meet you, January. I hope we'll see each other again--real soon.

jim said…

I am so glad you had a great time, and we were just this close meeting . . . . 2011, yes.

Oh, and what did you get in the special author's gift bag? It's all about the gift bag.
January said…
Jim, not meeting you was my biggest regret of the Fest. The bag, of course, was nice. Also a journal, some snacks ... nothing special. I did enjoy being in the hospitality suite with all of the big-time authors.

2011 Jim--it will happen. Glad you're feeling better.
January said…
Geoffrey, the pleasure was all mine! Lovely to meet you. Hope to see you soon.

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