Confession Tuesday

Welcome to Confession Tuesday--Thanksgiving edition! This week is all about sharing, so I welcome you to The Confessional. No secrets here. Share with us, and we'll happily return the favor.

I really can't believe turkey day is Thursday. It must seem like a strange holiday for those not from the United States. But it is the biggest family meal of the year, followed by the biggest shopping nightmare weekend.

This year, the kids and I will be spending Thanksgiving with good friends. But I must admit that I'm sad not to spend it with relatives. We used to spend the holiday with my ex-husband's family, which was a big, loud affair. It also will be the first year the kids won't see their cousins. This is what I hate most about divorce--the aftershocks. Those things I felt were ancillary but rock solid--like relationships with the relatives--have to change. So my job will be keeping them occupied all weekend with activities. Good medicine for us all.

It's nice to be surrounded by friends. I feel very thankful this year.


Last night, I got seven hours of sleep, a big improvement over the four hours on Sunday night when I returned home from Miami. What a whirlwind trip! Every once in a while, I like to get out of my comfort zone. Poetry has been the biggest blessing for me because it takes me to unexpected places.

Books I picked up in Miami (because when you go to a book fair, you always come back with books):

Edwidge Danticat - Create Dangerously: The Immigrant Artist at Work
Geoffrey Philp - Dub Wise
Merwyn Taylor - No Back Door
Nina Romano - Coffeehouse Meditations
Mark Statman -Tourist at a Miracle
Grana 113 - The Best of Young Spanish Language Novelists
The Spoon River Poetry Review (Winter/Spring 2010)

When am I going to find time to read these books? My 2011 reading list will be ridiculously long.


And then there's the November PAD challenge. I've decided not to play catch up but to finish out the challenge with a solid 20 poems. After a certain point, playing catch up is not fun, nor is it creative. I'm just in a difference space where it's hard to finish a challenge. But I love doing them.

More poems to come!


Maureen said…
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Heidi G. said…
I give thanks to have you, the kids, and my adoptive parents Rosemary and Stanley in my life- I consider you all a part of my small but loving family. Blessings to all - Heidi G.
Catherine said…
Thanksgiving doesn't seem strange to me at all, even though we don't celebrate it here. What does seem strange to me is calling the day after Black Friday, because here Black Friday means any Friday that falls on the 13th of the month, and it is considered unlucky (if you are superstitious, that is!)
theaikenite said…
As a child, my family moved far away from relatives for several years. We were so sad not to be continuing our Thanksgiving tradition. But, we were invited to share the holiday with friends also far from home. That is one of my best Thanksgiving memories. . . fresh perspective, chosen company free of obligation or drama, true thankfulness that we had one another. I hope everything you do and see this thanksgiving brings you fresh harvest.

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