Whale Sound

The amazing Nic Sebastian has interpreted my poem "Drinking" at Whale Sound. Hear Nic read my poem.

About the Whale Sound project, she says:

"I find that reading other people’s work aloud is the most tender and respectful, and also the most careful, way to engage with it. I hope you will join me in this continuing celebration."

Nic can read a phone book and make it sound good. Thanks Nic!


Speaking of audio, listen to Joseph Legaspi read poems and answer questions at From the Fishouse.


Martha Silano interviews Kelli Russell Agodon at Blue Positive.


Jessie Carty asks the question, "Are your poems published if they appear anywhere on a blog?"


Maureen said…
Nic's reading of your poem is great. Of course, your poem also is wonderful!
That's fantastic. I love Whale Sound! I love how Nic says her last name, too...
Collin Kelley said…
Love that poem and love hearing Nic read it.

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