Reading in Bryant Park

I’m spending today trying not to FREAK OUT about tomorrow’s reading in Bryant Park (see below). Now, I’m sure the reading will go well. I’ve read through my selections, practiced in front of a mirror, and I’m visualizing the reading going well. Still, I have butterflies.

So, what do you do before a big reading or speech? How do you prepare? Any suggestions, techniques, or rituals.

My mom tells me to take a Tylenol and eat a piece of chocolate before a big event. Not sure if it works, but we all have our remedies.

Hope we have nice weather.


Word for Word Poetry
CavanKerry Press Poerty
Bryant Park Reading Room, NYC

Tuesday, June 23
7:30 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Presenting exceptional works of "poetry and prose" from the writers of CavanKerry Press:

Teresa Carson
Joan Cusack Handler
January O'Neil

If you're around, please stop by. Or just send good vibes my way on Tuesday!


Lisa Cohen said…
Knock 'em dead, January! Just relax and be yourself. You love words. Settle into them and your audience will catch that love as well.

With you in spirit!

Writer Bug said…
Congats January! What a great thing to do. I generally find visualizing to be the best pre-presentation trick. I visualize myself doing everything leading up to reading (ie, taking a cab to the park, walking through the park, meeting whomever, then walking to the mike...) and I keep saying to myself that I am confident, I have practiced, and that people have come to hear me, not to judge me.
Can't wait to hear how it goes!
January said…
Bug, this line I must take with me tomorrow: " ... people have come to hear me, not to judge me."

Thanks Bug and Lisa for the kind words
Collin Kelley said…
Break a leg and a line, January. You're gonna be awesome!
Goodnight, Mom said…

I'm so sorry I'm not up there to see it! I know you;ll do great!!!!!

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