Sunday Scribblings: Compose

If you've read this blog in April, you know that I'm knee-deep in writing a poem a day. But for this Sunday Scribblings, I decided to take a break and enjoy the warm weather.

This is how I composed my Saturday. What follows are the events of the day.


It started out like this.

And then I shifted gears for some "me" time. I went to Harvard Square in Cambridge to visit ...

The Grolier Poetry Book Shop is the oldest poetry-only book store in North America, I think. Had a wonderful conversation with the new owner--they are now under new management, which should inject some much needed life into the store. I wish them great success as an independent bookstore and a Cambridge mainstay.

And here's what I bought ...

Aimee Nezhukumatathil's At the Drive-in Volcano. From there I walked around Harvard Sq.

(That's not me.)

Listened to some music.

And ended up here, before I headed home. This is Boston from the Cambridge side. Isn't she lovely?

For more compositions, visit Sunday Scribblings. And feel free to comment on my NaPoWriMo poems.


Enjoyed wandering with you on your Saturday life.

Your pics are just adorable!

How wonderful to have a poetry only bookshop! I'm jealous!

Granny Smith said…
Thank you for taking us with you through your pleasant day. Your photos are wonde.rful
Bluebethley said…
Good to see you back online. Your poems are so richly textured that I'm glad you took a day to "compose" youself. May your writing go well.
Verbal said…
What a wonderful day! Thank yo for sharing it with us.
January said…
Thanks for the comments everyone!
June said…
I loved seeing your it happens I had just this afternoon looked at photos of my trip to Boston a couple of years ago remembering what a good time I had while there and hoping that someday I'll get to return for more. Thanks for stopping by Spatter and leaving your kind statement.
Cheryl said…
Now I am anxious to visit and experience that lovely urban, visceral, esoteric Harvard Square.
tumblewords said…
Thanks for letting me wander along with you - recently there was a televised reading from that bookstore. I had a yearn to see it in real life and this may be close!! Thanks!
annieelf said…
I enjoyed this little ramble so much. I felt like I was there.
Ananda said…
Great photos. I love Boston.

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