The Final Push

Seems that NaPoWriMo has left me M.I.A for visiting blogs this month. It’s taken all of my energy to write a poem a day, and still I’m a day behind. But after this week, I can go back to being a bump on a log. Well, I can go back to working out, sleeping at night, and talking to people—three things I’ve essentially given up in April.


This will be my catch-up day. A two-poem today—woo hoo!


Today, Tim is taking the kids to a horse pull (I don’t know exactly what that is), while I head north to the Newburyport Literary Festival. This festival incorporates all genres, not just poetry, yet there’s not that many events I want to attend. There’s an afternoon reading—I haven't read many of the featured poets so I’m trying to keep an open mind about the event. I’ll bring my camera and blog about it later. Hmmm … I’ll also have Tim take a camera to the horse pull. Who knows, his event may be more fun than mine.


Tomorrow afternoon, I’m going to a reading and open mike at a place called Gulu-Gulu Café, hearing poets J.D. Scrimgeour and Kevin Carey. I think—no, I know—I’m more excited about their reading that the Newburyport Arts Festival.


Gosh, that’s very closed minded of me. But I have issues with the festival. More on that later.

Enjoy the day, everyone!


Anonymous said…
i grew up with horse pulls and tractor pulls, but i hadn't thought about them in years. thanks, tim and january! not that it's a romantic thing to reminisce about, but it's good to remember colorful stuff like that.
Ari said…
How did you like the lit festival? Maybe I saw you about town as I wandered through a few of the panels too.
January said…
Hi Ari. I thought the festival was OK. It's a really nice event for Newburyport. I attended the afternoon poetry venues.

It would be nice if the festival organizers sought out a more diverse selection of poets.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

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