Photos from NEWS Reading

Since much of my attention has been focused on NaPoWriMo, it's taken me a bit to post last Sunday's photos from the New & Emerging Writers Series. Special thanks to Colleen Michaels, who stepped in as co-host for Erin.

For our April poetry extravaganza, we had a terrific turnout, punctuated by the four open-mike participants who read their best poems. It was a great way to celebrate National Poetry Month, and a tribute to the robust literary community in the Boston area.

Thanks again to the readers, attendees, The Book Rack, and the Regent Theatre.

The beautiful and talented Colleen Michaels

The beautiful and talented John Burt

The beautiful and talented Jean Monahan



...and the beautiful and talented January O'Neil.
January said…
You flatter me, Joyce! Thanks.

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