NaPoWriMo 24

Does This Poem Make Me Look Fat?

The poem is wearing me. It falls
off my shoulder, rides up my back,
makes my words look silly and uneven.

I should never wear a poem
because it’s trendy or looks great
on some other poet.

If it doesn’t fit correctly
and you can see line breaks,
it’s simply too tight.

Too much alliteration makes my neck
look large, draws too much attention
to my heavy tongue.

Sometimes my poems are low-rise,
and while it’s fashionable to show my couplets,
I don’t--it's a style that won’t last.

Before leaving the house,
I make sure I can sit, walk,
and dance in my poem.

There’s nothing wrong with poems
that makes me look sexy
but there’s a difference between

being sexy and being subtle.
A poem should be easy on the eyes,
look as custom-made as a glass slipper.

It should push up, push in,
fit like skin, fit like bones, fit better than
the best poem I’ve ever worn.


Anonymous said…
this is a terrific concept! much in here to save and work with after napowrimo. i love the second sentence about it falling off your shoulder.
evie said…
i wish i'd thought of this first! : )

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