NaPoWriMo 2

Rain Catchers

The sexy rain calls us back from sleep,
as if we have been away too long,
as if what we carry in these bodies
will spill out of this world and into the next.
Nights like this we awaken
to the first small stirring,
a spasm so slight it couldn’t be
anything but breathing.
We are animal in the dark coming
toward each other. There is no name
for us. Nights like this are about survival:
we use ourselves as shelter,
break our soft bones to build a fire,
turn our lips into rain catchers
and wait for the storm to pass.


odessa said…
hi january,

i really like this one. love, love, love the rain catcher methapor. "break our soft bones to build a fire" - beautiful!

thanks for this inspiration, just when i was about to pull my hair out with not being able to come up with anything for NaPoWriMo. =)
Anonymous said…
I like the passion you have in this one, and the description is all very unusual.
chiefbiscuit said…
Your poetry is blowing me away - and inspiring me to boot. I am still unsure about a poem a day (I'm a wimp I know) ... might just make it a personal, post a-poem-as-and-when-I-can month. :)
Looking forward to reading all of yours tho'!
evie said…
this is a very sexy poem!
jim said…
Crap, January. This is way too good. You're going to pull a muscle or something if you keep this up for the entire month.

P.S. You're so coming to Florida in Fall/Winter 2009. You do know that.
Jan Doble said…
the images that come to my mind are both dark yet light, sad yet content, weary yet hopeful...i am still pondering it and coming up with new perspectives and interpretations of it. and, thank you for your nice comment about my day #2 poem. jan
Jarita said…
Ack!! I didn't realize it was NaPoWriMo!! It's not too late for me to join, is it?

Good seeing you last night. I'm going to check out those sites you gave me, and I'm looking into the Falmouth reading now.
gkgirl said…
you honestly blow me away.
really and truly.

i had forgotten how much
i enjoy your words.

and break our soft bones to build
a fire....
you are amazing.
Jarita said…
And thank you for this poem. It is very tender and honest and well-written. Wonderful.
January said…
Jarita, thanks for the kind words.
Good seeing you last night.

It's never too late to participate in NaPoWriMo. You can either start a blog and post publically, or you can just write your poems in a journal.

The goal is to have an abundance of drafts to work with after the month is over.
January said…
Jan, Evie, J, Odessa, CB thanks for the comments!
January said…
Oh Jim, it's a date. We've got to get you back up to Massachusetts for a reading.
Anonymous said…
rain? spasm? animal? sexy! hot!

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