Confession Tuesday

Happy Patriots’ Day! Carolee and I invite you to tell all, and be sure to let us know that you’re telling all for Confession Tuesday.

Patriots’ Day is predominately a Massachusetts holiday. Now, I really should be up on why we celebrate this day, but I’m not (I know, I can Google it). It coincides with the running of the Boston Marathon, which shuts down most of the greater Boston area. Makes sense to have folks stay home. Suffice it to say that having Monday off made the weekend feel less jam-packed.


We put the kids in day care so Tim and I could share couple time, and found a little “me” time in the process. Monday was a win-win for everyone!


I watched The View today. There, I said it. DEAL!


Red Sox are on a roll. Celts are kicking *ss and taking names. And the Bruins have a chance to steal game 7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs. It’s a good time to be a sports fan in Boston.


I don’t even like hockey but I’m happy for the team.


NaPoWriMo baby! Twenty up, twenty down. Despite the fact that I have no energy because I write in the wee hours, I’ve been pleased with my NaPo results. More on that at the end of the month.


Today I received the second of the two blurbs I needed for the back cover of my book—yippee! Other than that, there’s been no movement with Underlife, to be published by CavanKerry Press in October 2009. More than a year away. *sigh*


Anonymous said…
Origin of Patriot's Day: the battle of Lexington & Concord, when the "rebel army" first took on the British. You can even go see a live re-enactment in full Revolutionary War regalia each year....provided you get there for the 5:30am start time.
Anonymous said…
January said…
Thanks, I think I'll pass on the reenactment. But being from VA this is all good info to have.

You're always looking out for me!
...deb said…
Congrats on all fronts.

The year will fly and you'll be wondering where it went. But you know that.

I've confessed. I'm a NaPoWriNoMo.

But it's all good.
PDW said…
great job this month, wee hours or not! make hay when the sun shines ... there has to be a night-time cliche that works ... isn't there one about candles? no, i think that's burning the candles at both ends and that's not as positive ... hmmmm ... anyway--it's working!

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