Looking for New Music

I was so proud of myself for downloading R.E.M.'s new album Accelerate, thinking, "Wow! A band I recognize." But the truth is I haven't been keeping up with today's music.

Here's the list I received from a few friends. Some bands/artists I do know but some are a complete mystery.

Hot Chip: "made in the dark" and "ready for the floor" (seeing the band this weekend! woo-hoo!)
Rilo Kiley: "silver lining," "breakin' up," "give a little love"
Missy Elliot: "Ching a ling"
Cat Power's "Jukebox" album
Loudon Wainwright: "Daughter" and "Grey in LA"
Andrew Bird: "Plasticities"
Radiohead: "Nude," "Jigsaw falling into place," "Weird fishes/arpeggi"
Vampire Weekend: "Oxford Comma"
M.I.A: "Paper Planes," "Mango Pickle Down River"

And two bands called Ok Tokyo and Seawolf.

Any suggestion for songs to download from iTunes? I like all genres except for Country music.


JimK said…
esoteric list:

Sharon Jones + Dap Kings,
100 Days, 100 nights
(Retro-soul, true studio equip.)
Bohemian Like You
The Dandy Warhols
Childhood/Turtle Island/Gila
Beach House
(psychedel/slacker, spaceout)
Special/Days Of Twang/Hell Alright
Les Baricades Mistereuses
Terence Charleston
(pinnical classical harpsichord)
In the Sun/Slide Away
Joseph Arthur
(bohemian, folk-punk, peace-out)
Take the A-Train
Duke Ellington
Ce Matin La / Alone in Kyoto
(lush synth, trance, lounge)
Don't Wait Too Long
Madeline Peyroux
(retro slick jazz/croon)
(new wave, synth, epic)

On a cheapo Target MP3 player.
January said…
Thanks Jim. I'll definitely listen to the items on your list. I know OMD from back in the day. And Duke!
JimK said…
My daughter is playing
swing a lot lately as
a pick-me-up after school.
She even
got some used vinyl and we
fixed up the turntable.
I like Radiohead, too. Have you heard Kimya Dawson and Mouldy Peaches?
Ananda said…
okay these folks are from london....

hkb finn's light in the shade of darkness cd - you will love him because he combines spoken word, jazz, soul, and some african classical music.

tunde jegede's lamentation cd is fabulous. he is a african classical composer who works with hkb finn. finn is a good friend of mine. i know you will like both of them.

visit www.tundejegede.com and www.hkbfinn.com to hear their music.
January said…
Cool! Thanks for the suggestions.

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