Confession Tuesday

Today my car was hit from behind on the highway. It happened in stop-and-go traffic—I stopped, but the person following was distracted and wham! I’m OK and my car looks like it has very little damage. But it really threw my day off kilter. I have to say, it was the most civil exchange of information I've ever been involved with.


If there’s one good thing about the accident, I have the topic for tonight’s poem.


I’m pooped. That’s not a confession, that’s a fact. For the past month, I’ve been exhausted. It’s more than running a household and working full time. Can’t put my finger on it, but I’m guessing that staying up past midnight writing poems isn’t helping.


Speaking of poems, I’m keeping up with posting for NaPoWriMo! Again, I’ve been up to the wee hours writing, but I’m still in it. I wrote a tough poem on Saturday about the kids. While the subject matter was difficult, I really feel good about the experience of writing that poem.


I’m playing catch up with visiting blogs post and reading poems. Hope to visit all that have posted recently in the next few days.


None of these confessions are juicy. Sorry. More juice next week.

Be sure to let me or Carolee know you’ve confessed.


Goodnight, Mom said…
OMG! I'm so sorry about the accident and the fact that the person did not stop! My only thought is that they probably did not have insurance (cowards!)

So proud of you for keeping up with poetry month!

January said…
Yo KDB. To be clear, the person who hit me did stop. I corrected my post to reflect that.

No worries, this person has insurance.
Deirdre said…
I'm glad to hear you're okay. That would certainly rattle my day. And the day after too.

I hope you'll get some rest soon. Having sick kids doesn't help when you're already tired.
...deb said…
You are amazing. Simply amazing.

Good news? You have rocked your NaPoWriMo enthusiasm at RWP, and have no must-do's for the site. It is all gravy and icing now, whenever you want it!

evie said…

so glad you're okay! i was rear-ended in a similar scenario several years ago -- no injury, no real damage -- but it took me at least a year to stop driving with my eyes more in my rear view mirror than on the road. i kept living in anticipation of the next wham!....
Catherine said…
Why should your being pooped be more than running a household and having a fulltime job? Despite modern society which makes women feel we have to do it all, I'm sure that this is quite enough to make you feel pooped. It's two full time jobs really (even without the poetry writing) and it has to catch up with you in the end.

In fact I think it's amazing how much writing you manage to fit in along with the two other fulltime jobs.
susan said…
Your discipline is amazing. I come to blog to be reminded it can be done. And when you're pooped, it's little wonder. Be good to yourself. You're damn good to plenty others.

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