NaPoWriMo 14

(Forgive the line breaks. Also, if you have anything to add that will make this poem funnier, please let me know.)

Funny Poem

This is a funny poem. It is also polite—
it’s pleased to make your acquaintance.
It stands alone in that it likes to be petted,
held, taken out for a walk, scratched behind
the ears, and enjoys the occasional hearty chortle.
This poem is not afraid to mention random
funny things like bananas, ponies,
feet, flan, unicorns, or Britney Spears.
This poem was funny when funny wasn't cool.
It revels in its difference, it likes that
it’s not your standard free verse,
formal, confessional, or sad bastard poem.
This poem has always wanted to use the word
boomerang. If you say to it, “A man walks
down the street with a duck under its arm,”
it will feign amusement because it’s heard
that one before, and come back to you with,
“What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back?
A stick.” This poem is proud of itself
for working in that joke. If this poem
made you smile at all, it will say, “mission
accomplished,” and mean it in a good way.


GreenishLady said…
This poem made me smile!
January said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
January said…
Excellent. Then the poem has done its job.
Eric said…
The poems mission has been accomplished! And after the day I had with my fifth graders...I needed the smile! :)

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