NaPoWriMo 6


The camera loves us,
it bravely looks us in the eyes,
does its best to defend us from light
and dark, though it seeks
what is not there.
If I turn my head,
bring my face my husband’s
there is always contrast.
See my husband’s slight smile?
He is light bouncing off of light
that I absorb. The camera
has a dumb eye, makes me glow
in the noonday sun.


Linda Jacobs said…
I love what you did with the light in here! It's almost like a Vermeer painting! Beautiful!
evie said…
i also love the sounds of this poem.
January said…
Thanks Evie. Thanks Linda.
Anonymous said…
Great use of the extended metaphor.
susan said…
I like this and I keep coming back to "though it seeks/what is not there."
And the speaker says the camera has a dumb eye. Does she believe this or is she trying to convince herself or the audience? I see not simply contrast but contradiction.

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