Insomnia Central

Ella woke up around 3 a.m., and Tim and I can’t go back to sleep. He took her downstairs so I can write—he’s a good daddy and husband. I think I’ll keep him!


Thursday was beautiful in New England, around 70 degrees. Had the kids out in the morning and the afternoon. It was nice wearing short sleeves for a change, a sign of things to come. Of course, rain is in the forecast for Friday.


The Red Sox-Yankees rivalry kicks into high gear at Fenway tonight. Seems really early in the season for these two teams to be playing each other. Oh well. It’s time for a beatdown!


NaPoWriMo, now day 11. It’s good to be back in the zone, but all of this writing leaves little time for much else, like housework. OK, who am I kidding? I’m happy to put that off a little while longer.


I’ve been blown away by the quality of poems people are producing this month. Very cool.


Hell, I should just go to work early, like 6 a.m. Maybe I’ll get some rest there.


(I’m kidding.)


I'm amazed that you're still hanging in there with the NaPoWriMo. Good for you! I wanted to let you know that you won the copy of the Meg Wolitzer book after a random name-draw. (This may be a coincidence, but we put the names into a baseball cap and given your devotion to the sport, perhaps the baseball gods were smiling on you...) Kick me an email with your address and I'll mail it out next week!
This was Simon's early day at school, Jacob has no school on Friday, Nobody wanted the cheese sandwiches I fixed for lunch (so I ate them). Simon wears his Black Spiderman suit, Jacob his Darth Vader, they've gone out to dig up the front yard, leaving a pile of Legos and Bionicles all over the floor, a stuffed lizard, a backpack and shoes, the dogs are barking their heads off, the breakfast dishes need washing...and I am trying to write a poem in the middle of it....

Is this crazy, or what?
Goodnight, Mom said…

You guys should just write when you are up. We were up ALL night last night with both children off and on. Ugh!

Did not hear any baseball scores. How did the sox do?

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