NaPoWriMo 5

Kissing at 40

When I kiss you now, at 40,
I savor everything:
lip, tongue, teeth. I kiss
and no air escapes. Nothing.
I take it all and take it in.
Our breath stops and starts
rises and falls in our gorging,
our coming back. Salt on the lips
salt on the skin,
my mouth waters
at the thought of it.
Something inside
wants to get out—
a love-growl, an engine
turning over and over
in the dark,
ready to drive us
anywhere we want to go.


Catherine said…
Love the last lines!
Kay said…
Wow that is hot! A beautiful evocation of deep and lasting love.
January said…
Thanks ladies. I'm hoping the momentum continues all month.
Writer Bug said…
I love this! A great ode to marriage.
Claire said…
Delicious - and I particularly like the idea of the 'love-growl'!
Linda said…
Love it, especially the last two lines. Well-don!
susan said…
Oh, yeah. Works for me. And if I'm lucky, it'll be working for...okay. TMI. Love-growl- yes, yes, yes.
odessa said…
love-growl -- yes! this made me smile. very hot indeed.
chicklegirl said…
This is so intimate and fun. The last five lines, especially the engine turning over, are great. Bravo!

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