And the winner is ...? ME!

(Mom and me)

I never win anything. So it was a complete shock when a reporter from the Salem News called to let me know that my poem, "Night Work", a poem about my mom, was a winner in the 25th annual Eagle Tribune/Robert Frost Foundation Spring Poetry Contest! The categories were broken up by seasons, and I won in the winter category. The online version does not feature photos or mention the blog (drat!), but the print version does. The photo above is similar to one that ran on the front cover of the newspaper's Life section.

All of the winners and honorable mentions will be invited to read their winning works at the Super Hoot organized by the Robert Frost Foundation on Saturday, May 12. (Somehow I've gone from zero readings in three years to two in a month. How does that happen?)

Thanks to all of you who read the poem and liked it when it was originally posted for Poetry Thursday. ROCK STARS, each and every one of you!


Congrats! and love the mom & me photo. Aren't moms great?

Enjoy your success!
January said…
Thanks Kelli. Can't wait to read your book when it arrives in the mail.
Nic Sebastian said…
Woohoo, January! Wya to go!
Nic Sebastian said…
Or even:

Way to go!
BLUE said…
yes, yes. no win is small. great pic with your mom, too. keep it cranking.

Congratulations! The Super Hoot! (Reminds me of the good ol'Hootenanny, which you are too young to remember...).

Have fun reading! Carolyn Forche says, "For me, its an experience in theater."

Live it up!
PS Is your mom going to be there?
eds said…
now you cant say, "i never win anything!" :) ...awesome, awesome news...cant wait to see the scanned in photo of the newspaper photo article up on your blog...;)
January said…
Thanks everyone!

Pepek, mom and dad flew back to VA this morning. But I was able to pick up a few copies of the newspaper before they left.

I wish mom could come to the reading but I think I'll put it on video and send it to her (and post it on the blog).
YEA! (for posting on the blog). But I wish your mom could be there for the reading.
Angie said…
Hi January - that was a great poem, I remember it. Congratulations!!
twitches said…
Awesome! And wow - you and yer mom sure look alike. What a great tribute to her.
Catherine said…
Congratulations! It's a deserving win, I enjoyed the poem when you first posted it and I still enjoy it now
VERY nice...congratulations, January!
January said…
Thanks everyone for the support!
Kristine said…
Congratulations you talented woman!
jim said…
Yay and Yay and Yay and Yay!!!!!!!

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