Sunday Scribblings: In the News

Years ago, I worked for the Associated Press, in the Broadcast News division in Washington DC and at AP headquarters in NYC. So I spent my 20s developing a deep, abiding respect for good, solid journalism.

After 9/11, the Bush administration quelled any skepticism the media might have had about weapons of mass destruction and the U.S.’s involvement in Iraq. Now, we’re living with the aftermath: because the right questions weren’t asked up front, the country is stuck in a war with no exit strategy in sight.

My hope is that reporters continue to ask tough questions about our government and of big business. Journalists have the rare opportunity to speak for those with no voice, so I hope they continue to surprise us. As horrible as it was, the Walter Reed story shined a light on the substandard conditions of one of the country’s best-known veterans hospitals. Let reporters be equally as relentless on subjects such as the federal deficit, subprime mortgage lending, poverty, and global warming, to name a few.

Additionally, I hope the blogosphere continues to add to the mix of dissenting voices. While I don’t consider bloggers journalists, I do think we have a unique opportunity to contribute to the media at a time when the public is listening.


Remiman said…
I think you are right on the money here. I hope that bloggers can force coporate interests and advertisers to desist and let journalists do what they do the news. And as you say; ask the hard questions!
Bloggers to make their voices heard. Some of them have motivated some movements by dissenting.

Long live the bloggers.

Papa's little girl
Patois said…
I enjoyed your thoughts on this. Thanks for sharing.
Kamsin said…
Blogging definitely adds to the mix, and presents perspectives the mainstream media can't get across. But I agree, good journalism is a great thing.
Jone said…
Great post, January. I agree with you on this.
Jennifer said…
You make a good point, journalists should make their questions tougher and they should be answered. That's good journalism.

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