April Poems

Here we go ...

30. Apiary Pastoral
29. Object Permanence
28. They Eat Their Young
27. Wings
26. Conversations with a Mirror
25. Prestidigitation
24. Masochist
23. Blossomgame
22. Elvis at the Airport
21. True Story #4: If Memory Serves
20. Suffice
19. Making and Doing
18. After Sex
17. iPoem (“This poem is user friendly.”)
16. Proper Personals
15. Sunday Morning, Coffee Shop
14. Shelf Life
13. Thoughts Before the Internment
12. Woman Escapes Death After Being Pushed to Subway Tracks
11. Poem for Phebus
10. Elopement
9. Book Burning
8. The First Beneath
7. Rockport Smoked Fish Comapny6. You Are Disappearing
5. First Draft
4. Narcissus
3. iPoem (“This morning happiness washed through my body”)
2. The Secret Lives of Poets
1. First Job


well done! huge round of applause for you... i have really enjoyed visiting you each day (even when i didn't comment), it's been a pleasure!!
January said…
Thanks for stopping by, even if I didn't know it.

bostonerin said…
WHOOO-HHOOOOO!!! I'm so proud of you! Congratulations! I know that you've wanted to do this for a long time, and I'm PSYCHED that you made it.

Hmmm...perhaps we should have a reading tomorrow night to celebrate?! ; )
January said…
Hmmm ... a reading tomorrow night? Sounds like a plan!

Bug said…
you are amazing!

and btw, i thought of one of your poems the other day when I caught Chloe chewing on a crayon.
Kamsin said…
Congrats on finishing the month! You definitely deserve some little treat or other after all that creative energy you've expended.

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