NaPoWriMo 4/Poem for Poetry Thursday

Ahhhh! Poetry Thursday. Even though it's April, you'd never know it with the wintry mix we're getting in the Boston area.

Not to much to say about this poem except that I'm participating in NaPoWriMo, and I encourage you to scroll back through the week and comment on any poem you wish.


You look sullen
in bridal white.
Your long, slender stem
bows down
under the weight
of your beauty,
with a scent so faint
it almost seems artificial.
Soon, your small,
vulnerable body
will give way
my best efforts
to keep you.

A ring of petals
will surround your
eathernware pot—
a grave for your
unloved roots.


Catherine said…
Did you mean to write pedals or petals?
January said…
Yes, petals. I'll make the correction. Thanks.
Beaman said…
I took two meanings from this which I believe you intended. The life and death of a flower and a person. Very clever.
etain_lavena said…
very intruiging...I enjoyed it:)
GreenishLady said…
What a far cry from "fair daffodils". When you choose narcissus, you bring the poem to somewhere new. I like the "weight of your beauty", and the "unloved roots". This one will stay with me.

And thanks for the reminder about Billy Collins' "The Dead" animation. I'd seen it before, and no... nothing could ruin my appreciation! Thank you.
Brian said…
The first line sets us up for something different. Although it's about a flower, I see the human story in this poem.
Definitely a poem that deserves to be re-read for the hidden meanings.
January said…
Thanks everyone.
I do admire all you poets who are doing NaPoWriMo, for your discipline and your journies into the forest, every day.
This poem was stunning...I am so inspired by how you've risen to the NaPoWriMo challenge. I'm off to look at the rest of your week now!
amy said…
I instantly thought of an unhappy marriage; love the "unloved roots."
Beautiful, January... flowers really do signal something greater in all of us, they just do it so much quicker!
Remiman said…
The beauty of spring flowers is enhanced by their brief appearance.
Beautiful poem!
I see only the flowers, no hidden messages for me and still it's enough. ;-)
Love this poem, such a vivid expression of flowers, and people, leaving us with only memories.


Colorful Prose said…
I love the minimalistic approach.
la vie en rose said…
mmmmmm....that was yummy!
Nice J - narcs are my favorite flowers next to hyacinth. 'Tis the season...

I'm kind of fixated on "unloved roots" and wonder if either in this poem or another, there's more exploration's a great little combo of words.
I too see different images in this. Happiness as well as sadness.
Michelle said…
I thought the poem had to do with narcissism and when it was about a flower I thought I was wrong. But maybe not. Very thought provoking.

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